Preschool Teacher's Prayer Poem by Matthew E Nordin

A Preschool Teacher’s Prayer (Poem)

Preschool Teacher's Prayer Poem by Matthew E NordinThe school year is about to begin for many children and many parents will have a sigh of relief. However, for us preschool teachers, it is a more somber sigh. All the dreams and joys they have will soon be lost down the hallways and locker rooms of life. Hopefully some of them look back to rekindle that spark for life and do things beyond our wildest dreams. For those of us who helped them get there, this is for you…


Of all the saddest phrases, this one is true
It’s at the moment I say “good-bye” to you
No more seeing your energetic smiles each day
No more teaching and coaching as you play
It’s like a college separation
Knowing you won’t see them on vacation
As I filled them with numbers and ABCs
I hope there’s still time for “thank you”s and “please”
Such moments when they finally understand
Hesitations and fears when they grab your hand
No reward in life could ever match
Even the simplest of activities like catch
For farewells of their last lesson’s theme
No more time to pretend and dream
Now leaving but echos of “why”s and roars
And so with all their art on refrigerator doors
They begin the year of kindergarten
I just hope their preschool teacher won’t be forgotten
Matthew E Nordin

Don’t make those grumpy bird faces, get the pout-pouts away and be a happy llama!


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