Writing While Working Full Time

Writing While Working Full Time

Writing While Working Full Time

After teaching 15+ preschoolers, sitting down to write becomes difficult; anything other than napping is difficult. How is one to pursue a writing career whilst remaining above the red for a daily income? Let me suggest 3 things to help us: time management, persistence, insanity.

1. The Villainy of Time
Time is the one resource we can never seem to control. It slips and squirms its way through our typing into the late hours. Yet, it is the one thing we need to handle in order to write well.
Do not let time be an excuse for not writing. In fact, writing should be your excuse. It’s okay to tell people* that you can’t do something at a given time because that is when you will be writing.
*If you tell someone you are busy writing, tell them about your work.

2. We Must Persist

Whatever time frame you give yourself to write, be it a certain night to write or a little bit every day, do it. I could continue on through this point, but the opposition may be too fierce for the reader. Get your umption in function! (okay, I may be crossing out that phrase forever…)

3. We’re All Mad Here

Time for some insanity -not the Beach Body workout- but the same thing over and over expecting a different result. The good news with the insanity of writing: this will eventually lead to a good result which will make you rich and famous, able to leave your day job, and pursue an exciting career in the glamorous life of a author whose name shall be remembered throughout history!!!
Well, maybe not that grandiose, but at least you will be a published author and not have to worry about making ends meet. If all goes well, you will also still enjoy writing and then start the insanity of a new story.

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