Book Review: Expert Assistance


I have had the pleasure of meeting Robert Collins at different conventions in the Midwest. His books always tempt me and I finally had a chance to read one of them. I was delightfully surprised by the adventure I took while reading Expert Assistance. Here is my review of the book:

Jake Bonner is given a task he is not at all pleased to undertake. However, his more intelligent computer counterpart named Odin insists he use the odd jobs to help pay off his debts.

Their small scout ship is accompanied by the pop singing sensation, Evvie Martini, and the adventure takes a whole new spin. Jake must do his best to put up with the spoiled star as he tries to set up plans for his other task: leading a rebellion on Antioch Two.

With the star at his side and the AI overhead, Jake leads the planet to a rebellion that you would not expect. Be prepared to set aside time for this read as you will find it difficult to put down.

Robert Collins takes us down a trip into our imaginations to a fun time in our future. His use of of pop references and science fiction nods are witty and quick. The dialogue is easy to follow and breathes life to the characters. I enjoyed the ride.

You can find more of his books and info about this great author here:

He is also very active on Twitter ( and other social media.


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