The Lines, The Website, and the Wandering

As September starts, so does the chapter of many new things in our life. I am compiling a book of my verse, struggling to keep this website relevant, and wandering down to live in Iowa for a spell. Hoping all comes together by the end of the month…

Yes, you heard that right: a POETRY book… ugh, more of that stuff. It seems as though poets are the only ones who appreciate other poetry. There are those outliers who dabble in the reading of said literature, but only on rare occasions to woo a significant other. Like it or not, it’s coming! Hoping to have it edited and published before Winter’s end. Something fresh for the Spring!

0821162304With this freshness, I have come to learn that making blogging a New Year’s resolution is a bad choice… in fact, I find all of my New Year’s resolutions to be a bad choice. Maybe I should just resolve to not have any resolutions this year. I may get things done that way…

With our hunt for a more permanent/traveling home, we have decided it best to move where we can build some income rather than watching it flow away to landlords. We are looking for something along the lines of a tiny home or 5th wheel rv. Pros and cons are being weighed. If you’d like to donate $50,000 dollars to us, it would make the decision easier 😉

That’s all for now. Enjoy your month and keep us in mind while you go about the changing season. We’ll be busy! (Oh, did I mention it’s Ren Faire season too? Check us out at



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