Book Review: Out Through the Attic

finalcoverthumbnail I had the privilege of meeting Quincy J Allen at a convention in 2014. He is one of the two authors who inspired me to pursue my writing career with a serious passion. I hope to repay his inspiration in my review of his book Out Through the Attic:
“This buffet of brilliant short stories is perfect for a good read before bed. Each story had its own unique twists and turns to it. Quincy does a wonderful job weaving the Steampunk goodness in his mind to the stories.
It is hard to pick a favorite story out of all of them. I would have to say that the best surprise happened in “17” (I will not spoil it for you! Enjoy his imagination yourself). Each story worked its way around the words at a quick pace. I enjoyed picking up the morsels he shared with us and hope to feast on more of his work in the future.”

I hope you get the opportunity to read it as well and vote up my review here:


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