Book Review: Vengeful Hearts

Written by Susanne L Lambdin, “Vengeful Hearts” is a gripping thriller that has action from start to finish. The characters are set in Colorado after a virus has turned much of the population in zombies. This group of misfits must fight to conquer a vampire lord set on world domination.

Throughout the book, you come across all forms of creatures of darkness that are working for the evil Kaiser. The few humans that remain must fight to survive with the aid of some of the fiercest vampires and werewolves still fighting for good.

Leading the charge is a superhuman who’s infected with a mutation that only a handful of others share. The story will sink its teeth into your heart and brain as you go on a journey to overtake an ancient demon through time and ancient lands.

This book stands amazingly well on its own. The characters may be a bit overwhelming at first as much of their development is presumably in the first two books. One of my favorite characters, Smack, only makes a brief appearance and adds a bit of comedy to the dire situation. Be sure to check out the other Dead Hearts novels by Susanne L Lambdin.

Find it here:


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