Musings of the Northern Poet by Matthew E Nordin

Musings of the Northern Poet


Musings of the Northern Poet

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Musings of the Northern Poet by Matthew E Nordin“To this year, we say our farewell
That graced us with stories to tell”

Influenced by his love of God, his wife, and the Renaissance festivals; this collection of syllabic poetry will lighten the reader through its couplets and verse. From his best poems written while attending a Biblical college, to his lighter works from his involvement at local Renaissance Faires, these poems seek to inspire and reach the limits of the mind’s emotions. Split into three sections, it is Matthew’s desire to have others experience his life’s passions: faith, hope, and love.

‘‘Our hearts will be filled with Your victory
Drowning in Your arms, consumed by Your fire”

These lines are a brief glimpse into the soul written throughout this collection of poetry. For over a decade, these poems have helped the author through some of the darkest times to remind him of the Light. Of course, it must include a section for those who would seek to find the more tradition love poem. And for those who like to skip to the end, you will find more of the quirky and specific works for those who share his love for Renaissance festivals and poetry.

For a taste of what you can find in the Musings of over 80 poems, here is one that was written after the compiling of poetry:

Culicidae Plague

The cloud descends over all exposed skin
Causing even the saintly ones to sin
Poison burrows in the fleshly recess
As the assailants thrive in the darkness
They squeeze in our locked houses and safe cars
Taking nothing yet leaving pain and scars
One resorts to a primitive reply
Grabbing whatever object is nearby

But the effects leave a sticky layer
Leaving with a numb taste to the sprayer
As we yell for this summer plague to end
Furiously beating abhorrent wind
While lighting our fires to protect and fight
The tiny deviled spirits of the night
Satisfied in their annihilation
When the faithful Deet brings our salvation



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