Matthew E Nordin Top 5 Articles of 2016

My Top 5 Articles of 2016

The bittersweet notes of change echoed throughout this year. A great many things were lost while others were eternally gained. As I reflect on the many wonderful things that blessed this year, I do so to honor those lost dreams and desires that followed me into the start of the year. Having two stories published in the third year of focusing on a writing career went beyond my expectations. As I write this, today marks the day of the completion of the major revision to my first novel, Teleported Souls, with hopes of releasing next year.
All of this has been possible by your incredible support and encouragement. I know not how to thank you enough (if you find me, I may have a custom bookmark with your name on it), so I wanted to share with you…

My Top 5 Articles of 2016

530 Day Minimalist Challege
Our journey of 30 days to a more minimalist lifestyle

4. Book Review: Out Through the Attic
My review of Out Through the Attic by Quincy J Allen

3. XR-404 by Matthew E Nordin
XR-404, my first flash fiction story published on Kindle

2Musings of the Northern Poet
My collective work of poetry focusing on faith, love, and the Ren Faires

1. #NaNoWriMo 2016 Preparations
Advice on how to NaNoWriMo and still keep your sanity

What are your favorite posts of mine this year? Please give it a like and stay tuned for more next year. I have lots of great writing wisdom, acting advice, book reviews, guest posts, and more in the works!

We’re almost there… 2017 is just over that horizon!

Matthew E Nordin Top 5 Articles of 2016


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