Make-Shift Angel by Arden Ellen Nixon

Book Review: Make-Shift Angel

I’ve met Arden Ellen Nixon at a few conventions in the past. Her artwork always drew my eye toward the darker colors and details. She truly has a gift for paintings. This gift bled onto her typewriter as she crafted an incredible story. Here is my review of her book, Make-Shift Angel, available now on Kindle from Amazon.

Make-Shift Angel by Arden Ellen Nixon

“It’s the simple pleasures in life that can bring us to our vice. But what happens when familiar passions are stripped from you? What happens when it’s stripped from an angel? Rand finds solace in those simple vices as he searches to answer the question of why such things were taken from him. Through his friendship with a medicated comic shop owner and another celestial, Rand searches for his purpose again. However, this is not so easy to come by for an immortal with insomnia.

Arden does an incredible job of bringing us inside one of her paintings. I found myself reading in awe at the masterpiece created by this author and artist. I hope you also enjoy the journey through the dark strokes of a celestial life created in this story. They say a picture paints a thousand words; yet through this story, a thousand images are formed.”

I hope you get the opportunity to read it as well and vote up my review here:


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