February Book Tour

February Book Tour

This past weekend was my first official “Book Tour” for my poetry book, Musings of the Northern Poet. We had originally planned to meet at a couple different places in the Lincoln and Omaha area. However, the venue in Lincoln closed without warning (okay, there was some warning… pay your taxes people!).

February Book Tour

I cannot express enough gratitude for all those who came to support the book at the different venues in Nebraska. The Sozo Coffeehouse in Omaha was my first stop. Not only did I get an opportunity to connect with some friends who I have not seen in quite some time, but we were visited by a special guest—the one, and only, the Friar! Yes, the Friar from whom the poem is written for on page 80 of the book. I will not post his name as it’s not necessary. If you’ve been to any Renaissance festival in Nebraska, Iowa, and parts of Missouri; you’ve seen him… and you know exactly who I’m talking about. “He can be quite zonkey,” (The Friar, Musings of the Northern Poet). This phrase gave quite the stir to my editor. I had to assure him that the poem could not be changed. The Friar does in fact have a calligraphy copy of the poem that I created for him. It’s limited edition, worth at least a million on eBay, I’m pretty sure, or so.

The second stop was to the home of much of my family and the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Lincoln. We found an incredible bistro, cafe, and bar named the Cottonwood. Don’t miss it on your next swing through. As you can see from the featured image, we sat up our mini-book shop on a table in the main eating area (and their Reuben was delicious!). More friends came, including a good chunk of folks that lead Constellation—a sci-fi convention in Lincoln. I am hoping to sell some of my books there as well in case you missed it. Although the poems have nothing to do with science fiction, my flash fiction, XR-404, is in that genre and has been gaining some traction on Wattpad where you can read it for free.

I am still humbled by all who stopped by to purchase a copy of my poetry collection. I hope it finds its way into many hearts and made for some wonderful gifts for Valentine’s Day. My love poems can be quite alluring. I hope to see you soon in your neck of the woods… or cornfield if you’re here in the Midwest. We are scheduling an adventure around the middle of Iowa in March. Stay tuned.

Where would you like me to do a signing and selling next? Let me know in the comments. I do calligraphy as well.


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