Elantris by Brandon Sanderson review

Book Review: Elantris

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson reviewElantris: a book you can judge by the cover. The massive walls depict the looming city that once housed the greatest people chosen to become immortals. Their culture and magic were renown throughout the land until the Shaod desecrated everything and everyone inside.

The wise prince Raoden is cursed to be an Elantrian while his widowed princess Sarene seeks to find answers on her own. The female protagonist discovers there is more political turmoil in Kae than the king would desire to show. Threats of war and a religious uprising add to the fantastical story Brandon Sanderson weaves into this epic novel.

As a new reader to his work, I believe I may have picked one of the greatest pieces of fantasy ever written. I look forward to delving more into his worlds and seeing what adventure lies in the pages of his stories. It is one of those rare moments where I can say, I am glad I grew up in the same state as this brilliant writer. I just hope we drank some of the same water.


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