Paint Me a Picture of Poison Short Story Winner

Paint Me a Picture of Poison


Paint Me a Picture of Poison

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Paint Me a Picture of Poison by Matthew E NordinAn award-winning short story that will bring you to the vapors of death. In less than 5,000 words, you will discover why this won the Adult Professional Short Story Contest at Constellation 2017…

Henry’s endeavors to collect exotic artwork seemed all but lost to his aging memory. His life and the fate of his art collection take a dramatic turn when the eccentric artist Paulo arrives with a portrait painted with a deadly toxin. On the eve of the exhibit’s grand debut, Henry is attacked and the painting is stolen. Although an increasing occurrence of his collection, the venomous portrait vexes his curiosity. Due to Paulo’s incoherent behavior and the local police’s lack of empathy, Henry finds himself solving the mystery of the stolen paintings alone.

Yet he discovers something unearthly while he investigates further into the enigma of Paulo’s painting. The poison is not what it seems. Will this art lover remain safe on the other side of the velvet ropes, or is his wildest adventure about to begin? Find out in this story you will find difficult putting down. If a picture is worth a thousand words then there are a thousand reasons to discover the truth.


This short story was originally birthed during a random idea of an artist painting with poison. The work was then part of a collaborative work of short stories by other authors. Due to timing and other projects, I pulled the story from the collection to focus on other endeavors.

Meanwhile, my skills in writing improved. With the success of XR-404 and feedback from my incredible critique group, I had to enter this into the contest at Constellation NE. While there, I spoke to the incredible artist guest of honor, Arden Ellen Nixon, who went beyond my imagination for the spectacular cover art.

This work was inspired by my love of the classic Twilight Zone and Outer Limits shows. I hope you enjoy Paint Me a Picture of Poison and write a review of it on Amazon.



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