Paint Me a Picture of Poison Short Story Winner

Paint Me a Picture of Poison

  Paint Me a Picture of Poison Available Now on Amazon Kindle An award-winning short story that will bring you to the vapors of death. In less than 5,000 words, you will discover why this won the Adult Professional Short Story Contest at Constellation 2017... Henry's endeavors to collect exotic artwork seemed all but lost to … Continue reading Paint Me a Picture of Poison

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson review

Book Review: Elantris

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson Elantris: a book you can judge by the cover. The massive walls depict the looming city that once housed the greatest people chosen to become immortals. Their culture and magic were renown throughout the land until the Shaod desecrated everything and everyone inside. The wise prince Raoden is cursed to be an Elantrian … Continue reading Book Review: Elantris

Lord of the Rings Tune – Mandolin TAB

I recently purchased a mandolin and have been able to pluck out a few songs. Some of the two-finger C, D, and G chords I can play with some skill. And though I am learning and having fun with it, there is one song that both my wife and I have enjoyed learning (you can … Continue reading Lord of the Rings Tune – Mandolin TAB

February Book Tour

February Book Tour

This past weekend was my first official "Book Tour" for my poetry book, Musings of the Northern Poet. We had originally planned to meet at a couple different places in the Lincoln and Omaha area. However, the venue in Lincoln closed without warning (okay, there was some warning... pay your taxes people!). I cannot express … Continue reading February Book Tour

Book Review of The Return of the Dragons by Kenneth Kappelmann

Book Review: The Return of the Dragons

The Return of the Dragons by Kenneth Kappelmann. Shram returns home to a shattered land. The kingdom is oppressed by goblins and other forces of a darker power. He must seek the aid of friends and childhood companions to hinder the evils corroding his blissful world. The journey takes him to lands few humans have encountered … Continue reading Book Review: The Return of the Dragons

The Grace Raven by Matthew E Nordin

The Grace Raven (Poem)

During my time at Grace University, poetry became one of my passions. Many of the poems found in Musings of the Northern Poet came from my experience there. As such, one poem that I performed during a talent show became one of my favorite parody pieces. And so I give you my rendition of The "Grace" … Continue reading The Grace Raven (Poem)

Giving a Gift in Improv

Giving a Gift in Improv

Everyone likes free gifts, especially if it’s something you can use. And lucky for you, I know exactly the best gift you could ever want. See how cute and furry it is? Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot you were allergic. What’s happening to your face?     Giving a gift in improv is exactly like … Continue reading Giving a Gift in Improv

Make-Shift Angel by Arden Ellen Nixon

Book Review: Make-Shift Angel

I've met Arden Ellen Nixon at a few conventions in the past. Her artwork always drew my eye toward the darker colors and details. She truly has a gift for paintings. This gift bled onto her typewriter as she crafted an incredible story. Here is my review of her book, Make-Shift Angel, available now on … Continue reading Book Review: Make-Shift Angel

Becoming a Habitual Writer

Becoming a Habitual Writer

Although the NaNoWriMo challenge is a good start, it doesn’t fully develop a good writing habit. That is, if a writing habit can be considered a “good” habit… I’ll leave it open for interpretation. Research has shown that it takes at least 2 months to develop a habit. So while the event tries to push you to write every day, it only does so for half of the time needed. Let me suggest 3 things to motivate you to becoming a habitual writer.