Musings of the Northern Poet by Matthew E NordinMusings of the Northern Poet
poetry collection

Influenced by his love of God, his wife, and the Renaissance festivals; this collection of syllabic poetry will lighten the reader through its couplets and verse… (continue reading)

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Paint Me a Picture of Poison by Matthew E NordinPaint Me a Picture of Poison
Winner of the 2017 Constellation Short Story Contest

When a gallery curator questions his purchase of a toxic painting from an eccentric artist, his doubts vanish as it’s stolen. He soon discovers something unearthly while he searches for the source of the poison… (read on if you dare)

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a flash fiction story

A man must choose to save his pregnant wife or his entire civilization in ten minutes… (read more of the adventure)

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Novels (titles shortened or abbreviated)

TS (current WIP, beta readers) Release Date: 12/02/2017

A doctor discovers a particle that allows her team to unlock the secrets to travel by teleportation; but the machine teleports more than matter.


book 1: Nux E (first draft done)

Sticks and stones may break the bones but words have power over the forces of the universe. A mage understands the patterns and hidden magic behind these words; an entire realm waiting to be unlocked for his own purpose.

book 2: EQ (outline done)

Whispers of a forgotten darkness linger in the western woods. The elven council must reawaken the light-bringers through the teachings of a half-elf. Can this outcast be accepted in her society that tried to shroud her existence?

book 3: The SE (outline done)

As a blacksmith of enchanted items, he finds his passion in the wondrous properties of the earth. Everything changes when he meets the lady.

book 4: Fairy R (first draft done)

Raised by pirates, a poet finds solace in his poetry and tales. Until he escapes and wanders into a festival where a fairy has also decided to lurk. Yet a union of the two would reawakening the ancient curse of the dark fae.

book 5: Immortals (outline done)

A guardian on the lost island of the immortals, untouched by the shadows, catches a glimpse of the darkness beyond the seas. Their idle stance must change if they are to stop it from claiming the last of their realm.

ELEMENT SERIES (planning stage)

What happens when the rocks die? When the fire stops burning and the water turns volatile? Great fissures in the earth start to disrupt the earth’s elements. Can they be replaced before it is too late?

Short Stories

 EE (final edits)

A farmer fights for more than a promise to reach the status of a queen; she fights to avenge her ancestors and rejoin the Eight Maidens. With all the pieces set, this farmer takes up her sword against an evil king.

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