Elantris by Brandon Sanderson review

Book Review: Elantris

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson Elantris: a book you can judge by the cover. The massive walls depict the looming city that once housed the greatest people chosen to become immortals. Their culture and magic were renown throughout the land until the Shaod desecrated everything and everyone inside. The wise prince Raoden is cursed to be an Elantrian … Continue reading Book Review: Elantris

Book Review of The Return of the Dragons by Kenneth Kappelmann

Book Review: The Return of the Dragons

The Return of the Dragons by Kenneth Kappelmann. Shram returns home to a shattered land. The kingdom is oppressed by goblins and other forces of a darker power. He must seek the aid of friends and childhood companions to hinder the evils corroding his blissful world. The journey takes him to lands few humans have encountered … Continue reading Book Review: The Return of the Dragons

Make-Shift Angel by Arden Ellen Nixon

Book Review: Make-Shift Angel

I've met Arden Ellen Nixon at a few conventions in the past. Her artwork always drew my eye toward the darker colors and details. She truly has a gift for paintings. This gift bled onto her typewriter as she crafted an incredible story. Here is my review of her book, Make-Shift Angel, available now on … Continue reading Book Review: Make-Shift Angel

Book Review: Vengeful Hearts

Written by Susanne L Lambdin, “Vengeful Hearts” is a gripping thriller that has action from start to finish. The characters are set in Colorado after a virus has turned much of the population in zombies. This group of misfits must fight to conquer a vampire lord set on world domination. Throughout the book, you come … Continue reading Book Review: Vengeful Hearts

Book Review: Out Through the Attic

 I had the privilege of meeting Quincy J Allen at a convention in 2014. He is one of the two authors who inspired me to pursue my writing career with a serious passion. I hope to repay his inspiration in my review of his book Out Through the Attic: “This buffet of brilliant short stories is perfect … Continue reading Book Review: Out Through the Attic

Book Review: Clouds of War

This historical fiction takes a steam-powered leap through the skies in the eyes of a merchant ship. Suffering the treacherous press in London, the airship Horizon must make haste to find work outside of the reach of a tyrannical corporation. With a few loyal crew members and a scattering of new recruits, Captain Galvin Roberts finds no … Continue reading Book Review: Clouds of War

Book Review: Expert Assistance

I have had the pleasure of meeting Robert Collins at different conventions in the Midwest. His books always tempt me and I finally had a chance to read one of them. I was delightfully surprised by the adventure I took while reading Expert Assistance. Here is my review of the book: Jake Bonner is given … Continue reading Book Review: Expert Assistance