Poetry Book Announcement from Dot’s House

Just in time for the Holiday Season! I'm excited to announce the publication of my poetry through Dot's House! The pre-sale is over. Find out more and how to get it here: https://matthewenordin.com/2016/12/18/musings-of-the-northern-poet/ "Influenced by his love of God, his wife, and the Renaissance festivals; this collection of syllabic poetry will lighten the reader through its … Continue reading Poetry Book Announcement from Dot’s House

XR-404 by Matthew E Nordin

10 minutes until the judges take away his pregnant wife. If they try to escape while the station is locked, the pod’s propulsion would vaporize all inside. Can they leave together or must they accept their fate? Hope rests on planet XR-404; one of the last that allows unmodified children. Their unbridled love formed the … Continue reading XR-404 by Matthew E Nordin